Annie P. Rogers State Grand Assembly Committees

The Annie P. Rogers State Grand Assembly Committee Report Guidelines and Forms are listed below.  Please click on any of the links below to download pertinent information from that specific committee.  NOTE: Deadlines for all committee reports should be followed and should be sent to the listed committee chairperson.  

 Sick & Distress Forms should be sent via email to PLLR Debra Purcell each month.

                     Dispensation Forms must be received by SGLLR Eleanor Dillard at least 2 weeks prior to                      the date requested along with the required fee.

2023 APRSGA Annual Report (due Jan. 15th)


2023 Archivist Committee Guidelines

2022 APRSGA Awards Committee Guidelines

APRSGA Cancer Awareness

2023 APRSGA Credential Form

2019 Dental Committee Guidelines


2022 Feast-A-Rama Committee Guidelines

2019 APRSGA Fundraiser

2023 APRSGA Gold_White Cotillion

APRSGA Homelessness Committee Guidelines

2019 Music Committee

2021 Necrology Committee Guidelines

APRSGA Nominating Committee Guidelines

2023 APRSGA Recruit and Reclaim Form

2023 APRSGA Scrapbook Committee

APRSGA Sick and Distress Form

2023 Senior Club

2023 APRSGA Scholarship

2021 Youth in Action Committee Guidelines

2023 APRSGA Voter Registration