Donations for the Greensboro Tornado Victims

An EF-2 tornado swept through Greensboro, North Carolina on April 16, 2018 destroying a lot of homes and leaving thousands of people in the dark without power.  An influx of calls came in to Overseer Linwood Lane from the members of the Upper Piedmont Area, as well as to SGLLR Peggy Alston from throughout the Orient of how they could help.

As soon as a list was distributed, the Orient got to work collecting and donating those much needed items.  GIG Lane delivered boxes of donations from the Upper Piedmont Area, while SGLLR Alston made her deliveries as well at the designated drop off location at the Khalif Event Center.

A special thank you to GIG James Waddell for organizing and coordinating the efforts of the Greensboro Disaster Relief.

Orient donations for Greensboro 2

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