Henderson Assembly No. 195 Acknowledge Domestic Violence Month



Henderson DV

The Loyal Ladies of Henderson Assembly No. 195 acknowledged Domestic Violence Month in October by donating and delivering household items, diapers, and clothing to the Safe Space Center in Louisburg, NC for victims of domestic violence. 


The Director of the Safe Space Center met with us and explained the program.  She explained that the Center’s mission is to provide a safe space for women and their children, help them get jobs, housing, transportation, and counseling so that they can escape the repercussions of the violence and abuse they experienced in their homes.


 The Director shared that the need for funds and household items is ongoing because they operate on a shoestring budget.  The items donated by Henderson Assembly No. 195 was much appreciated. 


Loyal Ladies who attended the presentation on October 28, 2017 included:  PLLR Inez Foster, PLLR Gwendolyn Russell, LLAR  Michelle Bullock, LL Kaneesha L. Person LL Secretary Onnie Mitchell-Burwell, PLLR Mary Myers, SGOO Charlotte Evins, and LLR  Kimberly Alston.


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