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Our Illustrious Sovereign Grand Commander, Corey D. Hawkins, Sr. Esq. 33 appointed Illustrious Anthony Stafford (FL) as Lt. Grand Commander, Illustrious Alonzo Haynes (SC) as Grand Minister of State and Illustrious Shelton Reddick (VA) as Convention Coordinator on Januay 26, 2021. ********** Thank each of you for your efforts in getting out the vote in North Carolina and supporting the Poor People’s Campaign. Now we must continue to encourage people to register to vote. ******* Because of the latest health warnings from the Centers for Disease Control and the impending recommendations from the COVID-19 committee established by President Biden, it is uncertain if there will be a 2021 annual COD, but you will be kept informed. ******** Please welcome our new Training Director for the Orient of North Carolina, GIG Daryle McNair. He was recently appointed by Deputy James H. Upchurch to this postition. WELCOME! ********** The Back in the Rite Drive (BIRD) Reclamation Program is in effect until October 31, 2021.