Death Notice

Our Illustrious Sovereign Grand Commander, Corey D. Hawkins, Sr. Esq. 33 appointed Illustrious Anthony Stafford (FL) as Lt. Grand Commander, Illustrious Alonzo Haynes (SC) as Grand Minister of State and Illustrious Shelton Reddick (VA) as Convention Coordinator******** Director of Training, GIG Daryle McNair and the Training Committee Advisor, SGIG Robert Taylor conduct monthly training sessions. Please check your emails and the Orient GroupMe for the Zoom information and dates. The trainings are located here on the website ********** The Back in the Rite Drive (BIRD) Reclamation Program is in effect ******** The Dr. G. Wesley Allen Council of Deliberation and the Annie P. Rogers State Grand Assembly are announcing for the Orient of North Carolina the STRIVE-2-ELECT INITIATIVE. This is to encourage voter registration, participation, and voter education. Initiative Contact GIG Victor Neal (252-339-3519 or